Glass Bead Jewellery

Christina’s beads are handmade from Venetian glass rods (Moretti, Effetre/Vetrofond) over a dual-fuel torch.  The glass becomes molten and layer after layer of soft glass is wound around a steel mandrel.  Once the desired size is reached the glass is shaped, decorated, flame annealed and then kiln annealed.

Focal beads with fine intricate patterns and elaborate miniature sculptures require patience and good hand-eye coordination and can take up to an hour to make.  Every bead is a one-off creation and no two beads are ever identical.  Plain filler beads are also handmade from the same glass to give a perfect colour match within a jewellery piece.  Findings are usually base metal, Tibetan silver or – on request – Sterling silver.

Beads are sold single or in sets.

Jewellery items include

  • Neck pieces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Bookmarks and charms